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Play with Pride

Busselton City FC will hosted its first ever pride round on Sunday 23rd May at their home ground Churchill Park. “We’re passionate about helping people lead happy, healthy and active lives. Busselton City FC is committed to providing a safe, fun and inclusive environment for all people, including those of diverse sexualities and genders. Being an inclusive sport not only reflects our core values, it also reflects the diversity of our local communities.”

LGBTQ+ Australians are among the most likely to drop out of sport, believing that it is not a safe or inclusive space for them. Among LGBTQ+ adults only 6% play a team sport, with 62% saying that they don’t play for fear of judgement.

Courtney Dunkerton, a former master’s player and committee member is the first transgender player to play in the South West Soccer League. Courtney says that the Club, including former master’s teammates and her new teammates in the women’s squad, have been incredibly supportive and instrumental in her smooth transition.

“The team have been amazingly welcoming and supportive as has the Club as a whole.” “There are so many misconceptions about what it means to be Trans, there is great value in simply being visible. Every weekend that I play at least another 11 people in the South West can say they have met a Trans Woman.”

LGBTQ+ people want to play sports for the same reasons most other people want to play amateur sports. It’s fun, you make great friendships, and it’s good for both your physical and mental health. Trans women are not there to dominate or take over women’s sports, we just want to have some fun and make some friends like everybody else.

Busselton City FC would like the LGBTQ+ community to know they are safe and welcome here.

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