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BCFC Juniors - Half Year Progress Report

As we've now hit the half way point of season 2019, we thought we'd check in with our junior teams coaches to get a progress report of those awesome teams in red and white.

Possums - Age : 6's

So far training has been going well. It's hard for me to compare, as its my first time as a coach. I communicate with the parents as we go and the kids enjoy training and the parents all get along well. Close to the beginning of the season I received some coaching lessons and these proved helpful in adjusting my techniques and training games keep things engaging. I have seen development at individual levels and that's great to see. We have a mix of age and abilities but for example, one that was shy and didn't join in now chases the ball. One that didn't know what direction the goals were now makes a bee line for them when in possession. One that used to reckon he could only kick with his toes now can kick with the inside of his foot.

In the second half I will try to encourage more passing for those who tend to dominate and also work on attentiveness to restarts. Can't wait!

Hawks - Age : 7's

The under 7 Busselton Hawks have been working on playing as a team for the first part of this season. We have been focusing on spreading out, defending and passing the ball to team mates in our training sessions. It has been interesting to see many of our players starting to choose different roles, whether it be tough defending, awesome run through the midfield or brilliant attack on goals. In the second half of the season we will be concentrating on useful first touches as well as where we should move on the field when we don't have the ball.

Sharks - Age : 8's

As the Sharks under 8’s move into the second half of the season, we are hoping for much of the same dedication and enthusiasm with some great defensive work and fabulous goals.

This season is the first time for goalkeepers and a bigger pitch both of which the ‘sharks’ have embraced with confidence, readily volunteering to don the goal keepers jersey.

Coach Ben has worked hard with the ‘Sharks’ and the respect the players have for the coach shows on and off the pitch.

With only a squad of 7, the effort from the whole team every training and every game is commendable and the 2nd half of the season looks like it will be just as thrilling.

Lions - Age : 9's

With Coach Peter unavailable for comment, we thought we'd take a guess at how the team is going! The team made the jump to the larger pitch this year, also using keepers for the first time. The players have been enjoying the freedom the extra room gives them and they are starting to understand they have more space in which to move. They are really enjoying training and the games and have started showing some great skills, especially with their passing. In the second half of the season, we will practice moving into space and being more aware of where our team mates are.

Eagles - Age : 10's

The 10s have had a great start to the season. They have been very competitive with their first year on larger grounds. We have been playing most of the beginning of the season without substitutes but have gained some talented new comers in recent weeks. We are all looking forward to a competitive and enjoyable second half of the season.

Terriers - Age : 11's

The season so far has been tough. With the change in age groups and the lack of players in the age group above us we have ended up with pretty much the same team as last year playing against teams half a year older. Also our first year on a bigger pitch has proved difficult.

In saying that we are improving with our best results being the last 2 games (a 2-4 loss to Margaret River and a 5-6 loss to Vasse). One pleasing aspect has been the spread of goal kickers with 6 of 12 players in the team managing to score a goal this season and several others with near misses.

The skills that we have focused on this season have been ball control and being aware that you often have more time than you think and using / running into the “space” rather than everyone crowding the ball. We have seen improvement in these areas but there is still plenty of work to be done. The plan for the rest of the season is to continue to work on these skills. We are also looking at working on “using your voice” and teamwork.

Devils - Age : 12's

Red Devils Coach Jesse and assistant Coach Callum have been sharing their collective skills and knowledge. The Team have been enjoying learning and have had great turnouts for Training despite the inclement weather conditions.

Control, keeping position, shooting for goals, first touch and game play have been in focus. They also are getting an understanding of the different rules that will apply to their game in later years.

All in all its been a great start to the season for the Devils and all are looking forward to returning after the Holidays.

Raptors - Age : 14's

The newly formed Busselton City Raptors have made it through the Term 2 fixtures with some awesome results on the back of a strong skill sets, good at training and team work on game day.

As the group learns the new game/style and in some instances new playing positions, they are building in confidence and belief in each other’s abilities.

Raptors are heading into the Term 3 Fixtures with a clear idea of the challenges ahead and the hard work needed to achieve their goals for 2019.

The first year coach is very happy with the teams progress thus far and is full of praise for their team first attitude and willingness to learn.

It’s great to see all the red and white supports out there on game day - thanks for your support.


United - Age : 15's

Busselton United have been together for 5+ years, and have welcomed a few new players this season. Whilst only recording two wins in 2019, the team link up well, display great football skills and continue to support each other. Five of the United players have been selected for Country Week!!

BCFC Redbacks - Age : Youth League Boys

Busselton Redbacks have had a great start to the season. Under new coach Mark Snitch, and with a few new faces coming into the team, they made a positive start with a first game win and have been competitive in all of their other matches. The boys’ effort and attitude can never be questioned, and they are positive and supportive in every match, regardless of the score. The goal for the rest of the season is to continue to improve both as a team and as individuals.

Busselton City - Age : Youth League Boys

Busselton City Youth League team have had an excellent start to the season, winning all of their games and topping the table. The quality of their football has been steadily improving too despite limited training. City have comfortably been the better side in all their games with a combination of solid defence and creativity particularly in wide areas, creating numerous goal chances. Injuries to key City players have created an opportunity for a few Under 15 players to get some game time in Youth League and the Under 15s have seized their chances with a string of impressive performances and even some quality goals. When the season returns, City will be looking to continue their improvement, focusing particularly on quicker passing and being more clinical around the goal.

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