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Jets continue winning streak!!

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

By Arianna Dawson

Photo’s by Strive South West

Busselton Jets continued their winning streak on Saturday beating Margaret River Gremlins 13-0. The team started the first half strong as Wouter Vander Lugt hit a perfect shot from afar into the left corner within the first two minutes. Gremlins did their best to make plays and push the ball forward but Jets defence was too solid with Harrison McNab and Kara Haynes and Aaron Rynvis keeping control. With the help of the defence, striker Cody Bosveld and Blake Manning were able get on the score sheet with rocket shots into the back of the net. A one touch pass from our youngest defender Lucas Bennett to Nicholas Hay allowed Hay to take on Gremlins midfield and grab a goal for himself. Going into half time the score was 6-0 and the Jets tried to focus on keeping possession and playing to feet.

This helped the team find the net with ease with Blake Manning getting a hat-trick, and Vander Lugt, Ryan Zahra, Bosveld all scoring two goals each. Team captain for the day, Jamie Liston found the net also whilst taking a break from owning the wing and sending in beautiful crosses. With the buffer of goals to secure Jets the win, coach Ariana Dawson decided to push McNab up front which resulted in a well fought left footed goal from him. With the Jets being on fire many shots were taken against Gremlins keeper but he was quick to react and kept the Jets from a higher scoring game. The Jets have gone undefeated half way through the season and look to stay strong for the rest, with a goal differences of 61 goals.

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