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Sharks solid performance

By Jon Snape

Photo’s by Sharon Cowley

Week 3 of the season dealt up a very tight contest between 2 very good under 10 teams. The sharks high on confidence after 2 very solid performances were up against early in the tie. Strong tackles from both defences and midfields meant the chances were few and far between. Reef Macleod having a excellent game in charge of the sharks defence. Lilly and John able foot soldiers limiting the gladiators chances. Solid midfield efforts of Liana, Sol and Olly making it very hard for the gladiators to build up plays and feeding their strikers Connor, Bridie and Adam at every available opportunity. Spencer had a strong first half in the sticks backed up Bridie for the second. A wonderful exchange within midfield created a chance which was taken to gasps of the onlooking crowd. Sol Mezger digging out a great long range effort hitting the top corner showing of the skills beyond his years. Reefs tenacity in defence and having everyone’s back earned him the shark of the week. Sharks look forward to hosting the Gmas tornadoes this coming week.

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