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Match Report - Juniors 15th June 2019

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

The Busselton City FC Juniors match of the round, was the 7's Hawks. On what turned out to be a perfect day for soccer, the Hawk's welcomed the Dunsborough Rascals to Churchill Park.

After the wet weather we had all week, the sun finally came out for the game between the Busselton Hawks and the Dunsborough Rascals.

Like the sunshine, the Hawks came out to play and for the first time this season they had their full team. The game started late with Dunsborough struggling for numbers, but that only seemed to build anticipation with many of the players having their best game of the season.

At this age group we play two consecutive games. Team 1 (Finn, Alyse, Cooper, Guilly and Oliver) defended very well in the first half and no goals were scored for either side. Team 2’s (Alistair, Mya, Rhys, Lachie, Milan and Harley) game was a lot more open and the Hawks run and passing saw them score a number of goals.

At halftime we took the opportunity of a full team and the camera out to have a team photo. After the break we swapped over opponents. Team 1 played very well, again defending well but took their chances and managed to also kick a few goals.

Team 2’s second game was a thriller! Although we don’t officially score at this age group the kids always seem to know the number of goals they have. Dunsborough jumped the Hawks early scoring a couple of brilliant running goals. The kids regrouped and kicked the next 3 goals due to some much better setup in defense and improved passing. Our newest player, Mya, dropped back in defense towards the end of the game, providing a couple of awesome saves. Both Alistair and Milan had played the previous game for the Busselton 8s, and did an amazing job to play out this game the way that they did.

Our main focus this season has been teamwork, with a big focus on passing, spreading out and talking to your teammates. The results of this are really starting to show and this was best summed up by one of our players, Alistair when he said after the game: “That game was awesome! It was just like the Matilda’s!!”

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