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Match Report - Juniors 18th May 2019

This week’s Busselton City FC feature game focused on the Under 12's, between Busselton Devils and Vasse Kestrels.

Similar to the weather, Vasse warmed up quickly and put Busselton under constant pressure for the first 10 minutes of the match. Vasse’s relentless drives resulted in the first score of the match. Busselton regrouped after the Vasse goal and pushed forward quickly to even the ledger.

The focus for the Under 12’s is having fun and participating. Game scores are not recorded. However both teams went on to score more goals throughout the match. More importantly, both teams showed skill and determination in how they defended and moved the ball forwards.

A structured Vasse used short passes from the keeper to the backs, to the midfielders and this confident use of the ball allowed them to push quickly past the Busselton midfield. Busselton’s defence stood strong and resolute, stopping the attacks time and again.

When Busselton moved forward it was quickly through the middle of the pitch, not allowing Vasse’s defence time to shut the fast moving forwards down.

Encouragingly, both teams had many players showing great team commitment and individual ball skills alike. This resulted in a well matched game and showed that by the end of the season they will be ready for FIFA rules next year.

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