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Match Report - Juniors 3rd August 2019

Plagued by injuries and absences since the season commenced, United were again playing with the bare 11, however the team rose to the challenge facing a fast-paced, physical opponent in Capel Wolves.

United pressed hard from the whistle, constantly threatening goal through striker Kade Marchant and midfielder Sol Manners. With the likely loss of Toby Hull to a back injury for the remainder of the season, United were in desperate need of another attacking player, and they received with the return of Jeremy Ward!

Both sides played with heart as they fought through a torrential downpour in the first half, with neither side able to net a goal. Capel Wolves used their pace and skill in strikers and winger, Zakary Cream and Darren Hilston to constantly attack goal, however these chances were thwarted by United's pocket rocket Harry Cross and versatile Valentin Kay, who were able to keep the Wolves at bay.

United's striker Kade Marchant scored first, after he found himself on the end of a beautiful through ball from Geordie Pride, slotting a well placed ball in to the bottom corner of the net, leaving the goal keeper scrambling to reach it. This first goal pumped up the team who were coming back from a significant loss to MacKillop last week, however the whistle blew shortly after, leaving the score at 1-0 at the end of the first half.

The second half started with the same intensity as the first, with both teams fighting for possession of the ball. Capel Wolves looked likely to strike after several good attempts on goal, leaving United defense quickly trying to compose themselves. Two corners from Capel also looked threatening, with the first ball falling in to the goal box. Neither the United keeper or defenders were able to get a hold of it or clear it out, in the end it narrowly missed the goal going out for another corner, this time, saved by keeper Jack Anderson.

The game was end to end for a majority of the second half with spectators kept on edge by several close encounters at both goals, which were well handled by their respective defences!

United's second goal came from Sol Manners whose work rate with Geordie and Jeremy had been consistenly pushing forward on a tiring Capel defense. Striking the ball just outside the 18 yard box, the Capel keeper managed to punch it away, sadly back in front of Sol whose second attempt found the ball slotted home through a scrambling Wolves defense.

Player of the day went to Darcy Keough who has gone from strength to strength in recent weeks, showing his courage and tenacity in defense and never giving up. This attribute has been desperately needed with United continually struggling to put a full team on the pitch due to injury and absences. We wish them the best of luck against the undefeated Development Squad on Monday 12th August.

Match report by Dana Anderson

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