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Player Profile: Anita Parsons

Join BSN City FC: 1997

Committee Position: Treasurer & Registrar

Playing Position: First started as sweeper, but as I got fitter, I moved to center mid

Age Started Playing: 31 years old

First Club: Busselton City FC

Supports: Perth Glory, Australia and Tottenham Hotspur FC (otherwise Bill will divorce me)

Favoured Foot: Right, but our first coach (Pete McClurg) taught us to use both

Funniest Teammate: Denise Haggarty (Hags)

Sporting Idol: Sam Kerr

Footballing Career Highlight: Lots, but winning "Players Player" for the SWSA Women's League

Favourite Sporting Moment: Softball Grand Final where I hit a home run with loaded bases and we won by 2

Prediction For The Season: That the girls will win the league

Go To Karaoke Tune: Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline

Worst Joke: Why did the chicken cross the road - To get to the other side

Favourite Ground Played At: Balingup

The Best Player You've Played With: I played with so many great players - Dene Mayers

Favourite Goal For BSN City FC: As I don't score very often, any goal I scored was a highlight, even at training

Main Interest Away From Football: Lots of things, but mainly hiking in the bush

What Are Your Plans For After Football: Since I've already been there, I plan to go back to more hiking, running, traveling....

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