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Player Profile: Sharon Cowley

Join BSN City FC: 15 years ago (about 2004), started at 22 years old

Committee Position: Social Media (Facebook/Instagram)

Playing Position: Still trying to work that one out! I’ll play anywhere

Age Started Playing: 10 years old

First Club: Vasse Juniors

Supports: Perth Glory and Manchester City

Favoured Foot: Both - can’t tell them apart anyway

Funniest Teammate: Denise Haggarty!

Sporting Idol: David Silva, what control he has

Footballing Career Highlight: Coaching - the Busselton Ladies and at FFSW Training Centre

Favourite Sporting Moment: Night game, winning the Southwest Cup 2008 (I think) in the worst weather at Churchill Park. We celebrated so hard that night. Talisa Russell remember our fall?

Prediction For The Season: Winning it all

Go To Karaoke Tune: No one wants to hear me sing!!! Even my kids tell me to stop lol

Worst Joke: Why did the chicken cross the road - To get to the other side

Favourite Ground Played At: Home Ground Churchill Park

The Best Player You've Played With: Siobhan Longmore - god that girl has talent!

Favourite Goal For BSN City FC: All my goals are my favourite 😜

Main Interest Away From Football: My Family, photography and I like a hit of golf

Best thing about being a part of BSN City FC: Meeting my now husband, watching my kids now play for our club and making so many life long close friends

What Are Your Plans For After Football: There is life after football?!

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