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Player Profile: Sami Ryan

Join BSN City FC: 2003

Committee Position: Carnival Coordinator

Playing Position: Center Back or Striker

Age Started Playing: 11 years old

First Club: Margaret River

Supports: Manchester United & Perth Glory

Favoured Foot: Right

Funniest Teammate: Stacey Rouse - that girl makes me laugh

Sporting Idol: David Beckham

Footballing Career Highlight: Playing in Ireland and also being selected in 2004 to play in the WA State girls team

Favourite Sporting Moment: When Aloisi scored in the World Cup qualifier

Prediction For The Season: Give the league title a good shot

Go To Karaoke Tune: Spice Girls, Wannabe

Worst Joke: How do you make a kleenex dance? put a little boogie in it

Favourite Ground Played At: Grounds in Ireland - always so green and lush

The Best Player You've Played With: Trained with Lisa Devanna, but played with Tash Rigby at Phoenix

Favourite Goal For BSN City FC: Scored a goal outside the 18 yard box against Bunbury United

Main Interest Away From Football: Event planning & being the best mum I can be

What Are Your Plans For After Football: Support Conor in what sport he wants to do

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